A trained musical theatre professional, Joe has been with the New Theatre Company since 1985, serving in a variety of positions.

In 1991 he was tapped to work alongside owner Richard Carrothers, serving as Project Manager during the design and construction phases of the theatre in Overland Park.

Since 1992 he has supervised the production of every show at the New Theatre for Mr. Hennessy and Mr. Carrothers, working with countless talented directors, designers, actors, technicians and volunteers. Joe credits his very talented resident staff as the key to his department’s success.

Away from the office, he is passionate about bicycling, reading, politics, and his marriage to mezzo soprano Elaine Fox - though not necessarily in that order. Joe has found a new and very responsive audience in his son Joey and daughter Gentry.

Remember that Hollywood story about the kid who started out pushing a broom, and wound up running the studio? Well, I always believed that story was possible.

I grew up just outside St. Louis. My folks were hard-working, and very loving. We didn’t have a lot, but we were happy and my brother, three sisters and I never felt like we missed out on anything. I credit my parents for that.

I did my first play in third grade…DAMON AND PYTHIAS. I don’t recall which I was, but my “co-star” in that production is also still doing theatre – Shakespeare in the Seattle area. Makes you think, huh?

I liked sports in high school, but in the 10th grade I was cut from the basketball team. Someone suggested that I try out for the musical – OLIVER. It had been years since I had done a play, and I didn’t really know what a musical was. But I did, and I got a part. I was the Bow Street Runner…the policeman who shoots bad guy Bill Sykes at the end of the show. Each night before I made my entrance from the back of the theatre my drama teacher would ask me if I had taken the safety off the blank gun. I grew more and more offended. At the fourth and final performance she did not ask me, and I forgot. I’m standing on stage, pointing the gun…and nothing happens. Bill Sykes is standing there, looking at me. No one knows what to do. I’m lost… confused. I say “Bang.” Bill Sykes falls, and I run offstage. Immediately I figure out what happened, and what a bonehead I am. I try to never forget.

No matter what I tried – music, architecture, sports – theatre kept intruding on my life, presenting me with opportunities. AA in Communications from Meramec Community College in 1983. BA in Theatre - Musical Theatre from Tarkio College in 1985. The summer after graduating I wound up in Kansas City – unemployed – in a nice town with nice people and plenty of theatre. I decided to stay and picked up odd jobs. I struck the BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE set at the Waldo Astoria. I painted the set for GROUCHO, A LIFE IN REVUE at Tiffany’s Attic, before Hennessy and Carrothers took it to New York and London. Then, in December of 1985…. (a drumroll please)…I became an Amazing Attic Kazoo. One year of waiting tables was enough, though.

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  Joe R. Fox III - Vice President of Production
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