Artistic Directors   Lighting Design, Paul Miller
  Richard Carrothers and   Scenic Design, Barry Axtell
  Dennis D. Hennessy   Costume Design, Mary Traylor
      Sound Design, Roger Stoddard
  Book by Dan Goggin   Company Manager, Charles D. Adamson
      Stage Management, Kathy Stengel
  Directed by Dan Goggin   Swing Stage Manager, Keith Reece
      Musical Staging & Choreography, Felton Smith
  Produced by Joe R. Fox III   Musical Direction/Conductor, Bradley Zimmerman
      Orchestrations, Michael Rice & David Nyberg
  THE COMPANY:   Piano, Bradley Zimmerman
      Keyboard, Carolyn Robinson
  Debra Bluford as Sister Robert Anne   Keyboard, Mark Volk
  Donnie Keshawarz as Father Virgil Manly Trott   Keyboard, Lenora Remmert
  Lori Blalock as Sister Mary Leo   Keyboard Bass, Janette Heater
  Melinda MacDonald as Sister Mary Wilhelm   Percussion, Steve Barrett
  Cindy Benson as Sister Mary Amnesia   Violin, Angela Brown & Diana Yancey
  Heidi Gutknecht as Sister Mary Amnesia (1/5 - 2/8)    
  Vicki Baker as Sister Mary Monica   TECHNICAL STAFF:
      Technical Director, Duane A. Hoberg
      Resident Technician, Eddie Ocheskey
      Audio Engineer, Brian R. Davidson
      Master Carpenter, Charlie Ream
      Assistant Technical Director, David Beatty