fresh green beans… sautéed with sweet onions, and a very light seasoning to let the simple goodness shine through

vegetable medley… sautéed zucchini and sweet red bell peppers with oregano, parsley and white wine

baby carrots… sautéed fresh baby carrots tossed in an orange, brown sugar and sweet cream butter glaze

rigatoni pasta…
tender pasta combined with baby spinach, mushrooms, and garlic in a light tomato cream sauce

roasted garlic potatoes… our signature mashed potatoes with sweet roasted garlic

polenta… rich and creamy polenta with parmesan cheese, topped with an Italian spinach pesto

Hawaiian bbq pork …
succulent pork shoulder marinated, rubbed, then smoked to perfection

fried basa… buttermilk marinated then fried to a perfect flakey golden brown, served with a sweet pickle aioli

grilled chicken… marinated in citrus and garlic brine, served with a savory lemon, oregano Dijon cream sauce

roasted beef shoulder tenderloins… beef tenders served with an oven roasted onion and garlic demi glace

Chef’s Choice... imported smoked bacon risotto - arborio rice simmered in veal stock with onions, peas and sweet cream - finished with smoked bacon and pecorino cheese

    * Menus subject to change based on availability of only the freshest products.  
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